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"Boom" does it again...AGAIN!

Maxum MMA fighter Brian Kelleher wins again...

"Boom" does it again! 11/20/15

Maxum MMA fighter Brian Kelleher wins again upping his record to 5-0 in his last five fights. This time Brian won by spectacular spinning back-fist knockout in the 3rd round in front of a sold out crowd at the Tropicana in front of UFC president Dana White who was their filming his reality show "looking for a fight." Keep an eye out for Brian as we have no doubt he will be in the UFC soon!

IBJJF World Championships results 11/7/2015

Maxum BJJ sent two competitors to the IBJJF No-Gi World Championships. Kenny Foster competed in the Adult Purple Belt Lightweight Division. Kenny had an incredible showing winning multiple matches before losing a questionable refs decision to the eventual winner of the tournament. Zach LeCates ended up taking 3rd in the world after he submitted all of his opponents up until the semi-finals where he was disqualified due to a questionable call made by the ref in a match he was winning. Zach will be back to win gold next year!