Proelium Expediant (Latin) – Prepare for Battle

At Pro-Ex, we believe in a simple and proven wrestling philosophy: keep it simple and outwork your opponent. We adopt a physical, technical, in-your-face, collegiate style of wrestling. We feel that if you master the method in which college wrestlers prepare and perform then it will certainly improve your high school and college wrestling development and overall experience. We also incorporate some Freestyle and Greco-Roman into our training and apply these techniques to our collegiate style.

We are certain that our wrestling paired alongside our wrestling-specific conditioning program, which utilizes plyometrics as well as core training, all of which are performed with an emphasis on wrestling, is sure to bring out the very best in any wrestler and guide you on a path toward success.


Pro-Ex Wrestling
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Pro-Ex Wrestling
Pro-Ex Wrestling


What Is Wrestling?

Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat known to mankind. Dating back some 15,000 years, wrestling has evolved through the years from brutal battles to become the technical sport we know today. 

There are three main styles of wrestling: Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Scholastic. Freestyle and Greco Roman are the international styles practiced throughout the world. Scholastic (also known as Collegiate) is the traditional style practiced among U.S. high schools and colleges. There are also less popular wrestling styles, such as Sambo, Grappling, Shoot, Beach, and Pankration to name a few.

Wrestling has come to be universally recognized as one of the key core skills needed to become a successful Mixed Martial Artist today.

Some famous wrestlers throughout history include past U.S presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, as well as U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Retired General Norman Schwarzkopf. Some past and present MMA standouts who wrestled include Dan Severn, Matt Hughes, Randy Couture, Jon Jones, Frankie Edgar, Cain Velasquez, Johnny Hendricks, Daniel Cormier, and Long Island’s own Chris Weidman.

Wrestling instills discipline, responsibility, and great mental strength in a person. Lessons taught in our wrestling classes will last a lifetime and help students become well-rounded adults and upstanding citizens. As the legendary coach and wrestler Dan Gable claimed, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy."