Maxum's Kickboxing program is taught by our world-class coaches: Shawn Gastaldo and Lenox Chance. A typical class starts out with a dynamic warm-up specifically designed to increase the heart rate and prepare the body for the training to come.

After the warm-up, students will drill techniques shown by one of our instructors on either the heavy bags or the hand-held pads. Training on the heavy bags and pads is a challenging cardio workout that is guaranteed to burn fat and increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Both of these drills are extremely important in terms of developing the necessary timing, reflexes, and muscle memory in order to properly strike and defend oneself. Once all techniques and workouts are complete, students will have the option of sparring in order to further develop their striking skills against one another. Sparring is an option and those who do not wish to spar do not have to.

Our kickboxing classes are professionally run and specially structured to suit both the hobbyist and the aspiring fighter. At Maxum, we make sure to cater to all of our students' needs by providing top-notch instruction in all facets of mixed martial arts.


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