All of the techniques shown in our children's program are designed to help children gain self-confidence. We help our students apply that self-confidence and important BJJ skills in what they learn every day in order to protect themselves and/or to compete.


Other aspects of our classes include the proper way to handle being approached by or speaking to strangers, how to get a hold of the police, knowing your address and telephone numbers, how to identify a potentially dangerous situation, etc.


We offer family discounts!


Our Children's Program classes include a 1 1/2 hour class for kids of the ages 5-12. Each class consists of:


  • Takedown and takedown defense techniques
  • Grappling and grappling defense techniques
  • Punching, kicking, and defensive techniques
  • Verbal and mental understanding of potentially dangerous situations


To avoid any injuries, all children's classes start with a warm-up consisting of a series of exercises and drills. 


Now class begins!

We'll start with a series of takedown drills where kids will learn the coordination of movements for Wrestling and Judo. On certain days, this may be replaced with instruction on basic punching and kicking combinations.


Then comes BJJ techniques...

The next part of the class focuses on specific grappling (ground) techniques of BJJ that children can practically apply to a larger adversary. These techniques include:


  • Getting away when someone is on top of them or holding them down
  • Protecting themselves from getting hurt
  • The proper ways to control their opponent


And, last but not least, talk and play time!

This part of the class is the time when we speak with the children in order to make them aware of certain dangers that could happen.

We follow this discussion with a fun, quick game or play time to make them feel at home in the academy.


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